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Who We Are

Amelia & I share a heart for the disenfranchised.  When we started this foundation in 2011, we were moved at the time by the increasing number of children that were being trafficked in our very city of Houston, Texas, and felt compelled to do something to stop this unjust and wicked practice.

From there we have expanded into multiple areas of need, spreading hope, encouragement and what we call “thoughtful restoration.”

For many in Africa, the western concept of giving has brought long-term destruction and dependence, rather than hope and growth.  We believe in thoughtful restoration, which is giving coupled with support and education.  If we can sow funds responsibly into areas that desperately need them, while fostering the shift in dependence from our organization to local resources, then the projects have a much greater chance of sustained viability.

Here’s an example: many well-wishing organizations routinely collect funds to feed the impoverished in Africa, but instead of spending these funds locally in Africa to improve the economy and build small business, they purchase the food items from China, Vietnam or Korea and then have them shipped to Africa. Their rationale is that the food from these countries is less expensive and they can feed more people.  The problem is that this creates a dependency cycle, instead of bringing independence.

In every project our foundation allocates dollars to, we set out to restore lives, not to enable patterns of dependency.

Our foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit and we are a 100% pass through charity, meaning that every dollar contributed goes directly to fund efforts on the ground.  We have no administrative, advertising, payroll or any other costs deducted from your donated dollars.

Africa Projects

In 2013, Brian took a trip to the nation of Malawi and fell in love with the people there and this is when we expanded our outreach to other causes.  We currently support the following initiatives in Africa:

Alabaster Ministries’ Elderly project in the Nsanje region of Malawi.  Here, almost 400 elderly people are regularly ministered to and basic needs are provided for this completely neglected segment of African society.  Because the elderly are no longer able to work or produce, they are discarded and left to die.  Alabaster provides real care and assistance to these men and women, along with sound gospel teaching.

Our newly launched One for One project is building homes for these elderly in partnership with the VeriTrust Foundation, Restore Houston and Graymark Homes.  For more information on One for One and to follow the progress of the homes being built, visit the One for One Blog page here.

Child trafficking rescue – it’s one thing to stop child trafficking in America, it’s another to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Many young girls are sold into this lifestyle as young as 10 years old, and often for just a few dollars.  In nations where people live so far below the poverty level that a child’s life is worth next to nothing, we have been able to intervene and take responsibility for these young souls and make sure that they are funded throughout their educational years and are taught practical, vocational skills so that they can succeed on their own.

Pastoral training – Africa is a continent desperate for the gospel, yet there are few pastors, especially ones that are properly trained.  For only $30 a month, a pastor can attend an intense and well-rounded Bible school in Malawi and this includes room, board and meals.  In just a few short years, they are ready to go out into the mission field and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Orphan care in Swaziland & Ethiopia – We continue to support Children’s Hopechest, which has done an amazing job of caring for orphans with strategic and well-run carepoints throughout the world.  We have concentrated on supporting their efforts in Swaziland and Ethiopia.

Hurricane Harvey & Restore Houston

We were sitting in our home when the worst natural disaster in American History, Hurricane Harvey, unleashed its Category 3 winds and devastating rainfall on the city we call home.

Friends, relatives, co-workers – had their lives uprooted, homes destroyed and assets left beside the curb for the garbage truck.  While we were concerned about our pool not overflowing, people less than 3 miles from us watched their vehicles and homes submerge under the torrential rain and swollen creeks.

Within 24 hours of the devastation, I was able to navigate some of the roads in my truck, while others were still marooned inside their homes, or taking shelter in schools, churches and the convention center.  I was able to see firsthand the damage and destruction that trillions of gallons of water can do to people’s lives.

The other thing I saw was the storm chasers, and it sickened me.  Predatory, bottom-feeding out-of-towners that came to peddle their services on the most wounded.  Many of them drove lifted trucks with fancy names on the sides or magnetic signs quickly stuck to the doors – advertising everything from mold remediation to roofing to complete remodeling.  They were already trolling neighborhoods looking for customers and victims.

I knew that we had to do something and from this Restore Houston was birthed..  I have personally been involved in the blockchain space for several years and I immediately saw the potential for this fantastic technology to be leveraged to do purely good, and to keep vital dollars flowing in the Houston economy.

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